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You need $100.00, you can either:
a. Write a bad check and get hit with $25 “bad check fee” from the bank AND another $25 “bad check fee” from the store.
b. Pay $15-$20 per $100 from a payday lender until next paycheck.
Payday loans are just what they sound like, a way to buffer your finances until next paycheck. They are not designed to be long term financial solutions.

This is Mike. Mike is a HARDCORE New Yorker. He was also our very first responder to our video testimonial request.
Bro, thanks so much for the hook up. We’re glad you liked the process. We worked REALLY hard to make it easy and give you guys the best product we could.
Though we don’t give you the loans ourselves, we make sure we send you to the very lenders.
Mike, thank so much and don’t ever change!

I’m sick and tired of politicians and bankers callings poor people stupid.
“Oh, they can’t manage their own finances…” NO! They make less money than you. That’s it.
It doesn’t mean they’re any less savvy or intelligent.

See what REAL people are saying. Payday loans, contrary to popular belief are not a scourge on the working poor.
The truth is that many of the payday loan naysayers work for or are employed by banks or big financial institutions.
If you’re going to a local payday loan lender, you’re NOT going to one of their branches (or paying their salaries).

We sent out an email to former clients asking them for a video testimonial. This is John and he actually went ALL out!
John told us he cleaned the entire foreground of the shot, tested the camera in multiple locations; a virtual laundry list of things.
The text tag at the end of the video… that was ALL John!
John, thank you so, so much!